Worden's Softball Academy

I-94 Exit 80, enter Midlink Drive on east side of Sprinkle Road, look for Softball Fans logo on NW of building

3433 Midlink Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49048


Mon - Fri: 9 am - 9 pm
Sat - Sun: 9 am - 8 pm
Marty DeJong August Clinics
Marty Dejong Call to register or ask any questions - 269-372-0667

Beginning Pitching Clinic
Marty will teach proper pitching technique for the fastball as well as an introduction to the change up. He will focus on giving the beginning pitcher an introduction to pitching drills and mechanics. He will host a fun, fast paced clinic with loads of information!

FRIDAY, December 20th
$40 Member / $60 Non-Member
*Limited to 6 Players
*Please bring a catcher

Introductory Lessons- (hitting or pitching or slapping)
Marty will provide an introduction to either hitting or pitching so that a player can receive a feel for the Worden's Softball Academy lessons. He will demonstrate a typical lesson, working on the skills of your need. He offers an energetic introduction to the style of our academy.

December 19th
$35/25 Minutes
*If pitching, please bring a catcher.

Defensive Skills Clinic
Marty will teach proper defensive skills such as overhand throwing, outfield and infield techniques, and specific skills for each position. He will host a fun, fast paced clinic laced with active drills and movement. Come brush up before travel ball tryouts and the start to fall ball!

FRIDAY, December 20th
$40 Member / $60 Non-Member
*Limited to 12 Players

Welcome to our Academy
Established in 2000, Worden's Softball Academy is the leader in Fastpitch softball training in Southwest Michigan. We offer year round indoor professional softball instruction customized specifically to the athlete's age and ability. Our training staff uses a step-by-step, skills training method that fosters proper progression for each athlete to perform at her highest potential.

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Congratulations Academy Students!
Katrina Wyman - Eastern Michigan University

Abigail Stoner - Saginaw Valley State University

I commend you for the Desire, Dedication and Determination it has taken to achieve your goal of playing collegiate softball. I know you will each make significant contributions to these softball programs! It has been a privilege to watch each of you grow not only as softball players but, more importantly, as people.

I look forward to following your collegiate careers.

Kim Worden

Our Mission Statement
Worden's Softball Academy is dedicated to providing quality instruction to prepare female athletes for softball competition.

Training is designed to build on proper fundamentals using current techniques and to work in an appropriate progression specific to each athlete's age and skill level.

We make every effort to make training enjoyable, positive experience so that each athlete has the opportunity to develop confidence as they strive for their goals.

A Message from Kim Worden
Ann Kasdorf As many of you know, I've dedicated the past 4 decades of my life in an effort to positively affect the athletic pursuits of nearly a thousand young women as a collegiate softball coach and a professional softball trainer. I have been fortunate to have had a very long and rewarding career in softball. Words, alone, cannot express how much I have cherished the opportunity to work in a field that I love and care about so passionately. The time, however, has come for me to pass down my leadership role to others. With my official retirement date of 4/1/2013 approaching, I have been working diligently over the past year to ensure a seamless succession plan for The Academy. I am proud to announce that Mike Clark and Ann Kasdorf have been appointed to act as Co-Directors of Softball Operations at Worden's Softball Academy. Both Mike and Ann have compiled impressive professional credentials throughout their coaching careers. They have each been a part of our very talented training staff here for the last 5 years. I am confident in their ability to lead this organization with dedication, commitment and integrity. I've entrusted in them a legacy I've spent my career building - and have faith they will carry on that legacy as well as expand The Academy's ability to serve the growing softball community in Southwest Michigan with excellence and distinction.

Mike ClarkThank you all for your loyalty and commitment to training over the past 13 years. I leave here with a great appreciation for all those who have enriched and blessed my life. Rest assured I will not remain idle; nor will I lose my personal passion for the sport. My enthusiasm for softball and for the many female athletes who strive to perform at the "top of their" game is everlasting!

Always remember to train hard through goal driven practice because "Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect." - Vince Lombardi

Best wishes always!